Employee Benefits

Working with Demand Staff Inc. comes with many perks. We have an online database that allows you to easily and quickly update or upload your resume. Once employed, you can view your paychecks, W2, and user preferences all available on your online account.

Steps to a New Career

The best part about working with us, is it’s fast, easy, and free.

Step 1 - Fill out an employment application or upload your resume.

Step 2 - Complete an in-person or phone interview with us.

Step 3 - Check back with us, and keep in touch online to see our new job openings.

Step 4 - Upon placement on an assignment, you will complete new hire paperwork that employs you with Demand Staff Inc. If and when a client is ready to hire you, they will contact us and we switch you onto their company. There is usually a short 3-month period before companies hire our temporary employees.


Visit our desktop site to access our Employee Portal, Search for Open Jobs, or Apply Online!